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 Vilano Beach Art Program 

Whether you have always wanted to learn to be an artist, just enjoy it in your spare time, or are an accomplished artist, the Vilano Beach Art Program provides a surprising array of opportunities to share ideas, educate yourself and enhance your skills.

All art classes and workshops, except Plein Air, are at the North Shores Improvement Association community center, 120 Meadow Avenue, Vilano Beach.  
Every Wednesday is an artful adventure in Vilano Beach called OASis (Open Art Studio). Bring your favorite media,  create and socialize with other like minds.  All levels welcomed !
Workshops featuring a variety of  art forms are scheduled throughout the year and promoted to the greater Florida audience and beyond to participate. Classes are conducted by qualified professionals renowned in their medium.

A sampling of classes that may be provided are:
Beginner  and intermediate drawing workshops, Fluid painting/acrylic pour painting, Plein Air Classes, Watercolor and Mixed Media;  

Please pre-register for workshops before they start (registration is available at the door).

Open Art Studio (OASis) – Every Wednesday * 12:00 to 3 pm. Ongoing self-guided. Join other artists, learn and share ideas. Bring your favorite media, subject, and create.
NSIA Members $5, Non-member $10.
Info: Fran Windeler (614) 560-1672. 

Easy to join NSIA for a normal fee and get a discount on all art sessions, community garden and more.  
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Color Pencil Portrait Workshop                    6 weeks starts
Sept 28, 2020
1:00 to 3:00 PM  


Colored Pencil Portraits Workshop- 6 week series starting Sept 28, 1:00 - 3 PM Learning to use color in your portraits can be very challenging. This series will take you step by step on how to use colored pencil to bring out the details and characteristics of the face. Each week, students will practice rendering individual facial features, then applying the new skill to complete a portrait. Students are also given a review of basic color theory. 

For more details click here:   or please contact instructor Liz Monaco at (850) 417-4467 for questions.

Intermediate Drawing Workshop  6 weeks starting Sept 25 2020
1:00-3:00 PM


Do you want to improve your drawing skills?
Has it been a while since you drew? Well, look no further than your own back yard. The Vilano Beach Art Program sponsored by NSIA, is offering this 6 week workshop, pencil and charcoal sketching from still life and more.

For more details click here.or please contact instructor Liz Monaco at (850) 417-4467 for questions.

Introduction to Interior Design Workshop
6 weeks start


Ever wished you knew more about interior designing? Here's your chance to learn the basics with Helene Alland. A professional designer to help you navigate the basics. 

In this 6 week class you will learn the basics of interior design: • Learn how to use an architectural scale and how to draw plans to design your spaces. • We will work on how to layout and design a kitchen/dining/living space from floor to ceiling. • Learn how to use colors and textures in the design of your spaces. We will begin with the creation of a “mood board” showing colors, finishes, textures, furniture styles, etc. as an outline for the feel of your space before moving into final selections.

For more details click here  or contact instructor Helene Alland at [email protected] or 978-807-5459

Open Art Studio
(Self guided)
12:00-3:00 PM


Ongoing self-guided creative time for you. Join other artists, learn and share ideas. Bring your favorite media, subject, and create. 

All levels welcomed !

We practice social distancing, masks are required.

For more information contact Fran Windeler at [email protected] or call/text 614-560-1672